Our workflow as an AR cartoon

At Lens That, an XR creative studio, we’re revolutionizing the way companies can tell their stories.

By presenting our workflow as an interactive, animated cartoon, we’ve tapped into a new way of not only being transparent about our processes, but also an interesting way to captivate viewers.

Our workflow is presented through an Instagram AR effect, which allows users to place a series of animated 3D scenes on any flat surface around them, looking through their smartphone screen. It’s a an enjoyable learning experience for the viewer and it gives us a chance to showcase our step-by-step process creatively and clearly illustrate what it’s like to work with us. The mixed reality dimension of it lets the audience become even more involved with the quality and speed of our services, as they are displayed in a vivid and captivating format, and provides a direct glimpse into the technology we use.

After understanding the nuances of how we work, potential and current clients are able to realize the importance of each step and how it combines to create our beneficial output for their projects.

If you’d like to enjoy this yourself, head over to our Instagram profile and try our AR effect right on your smartphone!