Franz Catka feat. Ray Tracing

Consolidating its position right on the top of the social AR game, Snapchat has just added another awesome feature to the already impressive catalog of capabilities of Snap AR Lens Studio.

Ray Tracing technology enhances the realism of virtual objects placed in the real world through super accurate lighting simulation – it improves the quality of any digital scene where lighting bounces and is reflected on its surface.

This translates into even more seamless blending of the augmented layer with the user’s physical surroundings.

Here’s what we’ve been able to quickly conjure up with it at Lens That. Our “Franz Catka” Lens is inspired by David Cerny’s kinetic sculptures. Its multiple metallic layers work beautifully as canvas for displaying the power of Ray Tracing.

A side-by-side video comparison of the scene with RT off and on: