Drwal Burger Premiere: McDonald’s AR Mirror

November is the favorite month of “Drwal” Burger fans, which can be literally translated to Lumberjack Burger. It’s no wonder that when it appears at McDonald’s, queues of customers quickly form. Each year, for the premiere, McDonald’s creates something special for fans; this year, they did not disappoint.

To kick off the winter season, McDonald’s has taken the return of the Drwal Burger to a whole new level, transforming its restaurant in Łódź into what can only be described as Poland’s largest board game! From November 13th to the 19th, anyone could visit the attraction and participate in a team-based game, stepping onto the board alongside fellow players. The game board resembled a city, with players navigating streets among numerous attractions.

We were responsible for creating an AR gamified experience launched on a supersized screen. The AR game was entirely gesture-based, allowing players to control the game through their body movements. Participants engaged in duets, and, through the use of the body tracking capabilities, they had to catch virtual ingredients for the Lumberjack Burger in the correct order. This AR activation added a layer of excitement and interactivity, introducing a new dimension to the traditional board game setting. To be honest, this is the biggest AR mirror activation that we have developed, and it can be named the biggest one yet on the Polish market.

By unveiling the first large-scale AR mirror in Poland, McDonald’s sets itself apart as an innovator. Another benefit lies in the seamless and effortless engagement facilitated by the AR Mirror. This one does not need any additional devices; users need only step in front of the screen to enter the world of interactive gaming. This user-friendly approach eliminates barriers and ensures that everyone, regardless of technical proficiency, can effortlessly participate in the AR-powered board game, making the experience inclusive and enjoyable for all.

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