Explore Easter AR Effects

With Easter just around the corner, there won’t be a better opportunity to discuss our holiday effects. AR creates the perfect occasion to craft experiences that enhance engagement and, in the long run, drive sales through immersive AR experiences. Join us as we revisit past Easter campaigns, as well as a current one, including Kaufland’s egg challenge and our recent game for Milka. Get ready for some egg-citing inspiration as we dive into our case studies.

Catch Eggs with Milka

Milka, aimed to create an Easter campaign that not only showcased their redesigned products but also provided users with an engaging experience. We developed the “Catch Eggs with Milka” TikTok Branded Effect, where the goal was to catch as many Easter eggs as possible with a virtual basket. But here’s the twist: as users focused on catching eggs, a charming bunny face slowly revealed itself, adding an element of surprise. This blend of gamification and AR not only entertained users but also reinforced Milka’s association with Easter festivities, leaving a sweet impression on all who participated.

Egg Carrying Game for Kaufland

For Kaufland, we transformed the classic Easter activity such as egg carrying game into an AR experience. We tasked users to balance a digital egg on a spoon. However, this wasn’t just any ordinary balancing game. As users carefully balanced their devices to keep the egg steady, they faced a fun surprise: playful digital chickens would sometimes try to knock the egg off the spoon. But here’s where AR really stands out: as users kept playing, the game changed and became harder, keeping players challenged and engaged. What started as a simple balancing act soon transformed into a thrilling test of focus, keeping players engaged and entertained with each passing second.

Stay tuned for more exciting AR experiences from Lens That. Happy Easter!