AR Mirrors Transforming Retail and Marketing

Our surroundings are in a constant state of change, and technology has undergone significant upgrades.

One noteworthy trend in 2023 that will undoubtedly persist into 2024 is the growing popularity of AR Mirrors, also known as Smart Mirrors – choose the term that suits you best.

The increase in their usage marks a notable shift in how people engage with technology, reflecting the evolving landscape of innovation.

But why are they popular? What advantages, benefits, and services do brands gain by incorporating AR Mirrors into their marketing strategies?

And why do we believe that this is just the beginning, with the anticipation of witnessing even more of these immersive experiences in the coming year?

What Are AR Mirrors and How Do They Function?

Augmented Reality mirrors seamlessly integrate technology into our everyday mirror experience, showcasing remarkable technological advancements. Imagine standing in front of a store mirror where virtual elements appear alongside your reflection.

The concept is that customers can interact with virtual clothing and accessories in stores. You may have even encountered the Tommy Hilfiger AR mirror experience that ignited the popularity of this solution in retail.

So, how does it work?

Brands across various industries are exploring new technologies to enhance the consumer experience in-store.

The AR mirror utilizes cameras, sensors, and smart algorithms to seamlessly blend your real-life reflection with digital enhancements. It leverages an already established augmented reality platform ecosystem, eliminating the need for an additional app.

It’s transforming various fields. In retail, thanks to body tracking capabilities and cloth simulation, AR mirrors will allow you to virtually try on clothes in-store without waiting in line for the fitting room, making shopping more convenient.

Makeup and beauty enthusiasts can experiment with different looks in real-time, with no actual makeup required, as the AR mirror tracks face shape and its features.

The entertainment factor is remarkable too. Have fun diving into virtual worlds, solving puzzles, and interacting with digital characters or wearing butterfly wings, all while glancing at your reflection.

The seamless integration of the real and digital worlds makes AR mirrors an exciting and versatile addition to our everyday experiences, bridging the gap between physical reality and immersive technological enhancements.

AR Mirror cases made by Lens That

As one of the first tech partners in the Polish market to offer AR Mirror solutions, we’ve had the opportunity to create augmented reality experiences for some of the biggest brands in the marketing industry.

Samsung Galaxy Playground

Last year, our first AR mirror effect was created for Samsung, transforming one of the Warsaw tenements into the Galaxy Playground.

Users were encouraged to capture videos while interacting with our augmented reality experience. We developed nine highly visual effects for Samsung, each adding an interactive layer in real-time.

The entire event was a massive success for Samsung, with people queuing to experience the attractions inside.

The place effectively promoted the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S23, providing a perfect opportunity to create a space where capturing photos and videos with highly shareable content was a key goal. You can find more information about this activation here.

McDonald’s Corporate Event

How to Capture Someone’s Attention at a Corporate Event?

Augmented Reality might be the way to go, especially when utilized as a Smart Mirror experience. The advantage here was that the experiences engaged anyone passing by the area where the mirror was located.

An additional advantage might be that no additional apps are required to enjoy such a gamified experience.

The goal was simple: users stood in front of our mirror where we displayed an augmented reality experience. The effect challenged users to balance virtual coins on their heads for as long as possible. If you would like to learn more, please check out the full blog post here.

McDonald’s Lumberjack Premiere

We were tasked with crafting an AR gamified experience launched on a supersized screen.

The AR game was entirely gesture-based, enabling McDonald’s customers to control the game through their body movements. Participants engaged in duets, leveraging the body tracking capabilities to catch virtual ingredients for the Lumberjack Burger in the correct order. This AR activation introduced a layer of excitement and interactivity, and you can check out more information about this activation here.

What Can We Expect in the Future from AR Technology?

As advancements in technology progress and communication speeds surge, we keep our fingers crossed to experience an augmented reality showcase that will seamlessly intertwine with artificial intelligence frameworks.

These AI-infused AR mirrors will elevate experiences through the anticipation of user preferences, interactive conversational engagements, and the delivery of tailored suggestions.

We are actively engaged in multiple in-house AR mirror projects, concentrating on their applications in stores for displaying accessories and clothing. Our primary objective is to assist beauty retailers in attracting and retaining customers within their establishments. AR mirrors present an innovative and engaging avenue for retailers to differentiate themselves from competitors, providing a unique and memorable shopping experience that resonates with modern consumers. An additional benefit would be that those smart mirrors ensure that every visit is memorable.

We are looking forward to sharing our in-house project soon! And, most definitely, we are looking forward to seeing what kind of AR-mirror projects we will work on this year. So, let’s shape the future together.

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