McDonald’s Gamified AR Mirror

Our latest gamified AR effect wowed attendees at a recent McDonald’s corporate event. It was used as an “AR mirror” – meaning it was launched on a big screen for everyone to enjoy, as opposed to being accessible from individual smartphones only.

The game was simple, yet engaging – by emulating real-world physics and tracking users’ body movements, the AR effect challenged users to balance virtual coins on their head for as long as possible. It quickly became one of the most popular attractions at the event with visitors eagerly lining up to try it out and compete with their friends’ results.

The combination of interactivity, immersion, and gamification is a potent mix. McDonald’s understood this very well and leveraged AR in a way that not only increased engagement but also resulted in an uptick in brand love among attendees.

AR is not just a gimmick – its wide range of applications, and functions it can serve, makes it a powerful tool that can help businesses connect with their customers in a way that has never been possible before. AR is the future of marketing and businesses that fail to embrace it risk being left behind.