Dungeons&Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

In the fast-paced world of marketing and entertainment, Paramount Pictures teamed up with Lens That to create an AR effect that brought the world of Dungeons&Dragons to life in a unique way. This AR experience allowed users to uncover their adventurer’s personality and transform into a character class from the movie.

The heart of this promotion was a “What’s Your Personality Type?” randomizer. Is it barbarian, bard, druid, paladin, or sorcerer? Once the character class was determined, users experienced a stunning transformation. The AR effect adorned them with 3D elements tailored to their chosen class. From musical instruments for bards to magical staff for sorcerers, the transformation was immersive, making users feel like they were part of the D&D world.

To add a star-studded touch to the promotion, Michelle Rodriguez, an actress from the movie, recorded the AR effect’s video. Her involvement brought a touch of Hollywood glamour to the campaign, increasing excitement for fans.

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