National Museum in Warsaw – Witkacy

“Witkacy. Seismograph of the Acceleration Age” was a very successful art exhibition in the National Museum in Warsaw. It took place 8 July – 9 October 2022. It presented the work of one of Poland’s top painters, Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, whose art recorded and interpreted the rhythm of the modern era’s transformations.

As a part of the exhibition promotion strategy, Lens That AR creative studio designed 3 Instagram effects that turned regular user selfies into very distinct Witkacy-style portraits. Effects were loved by museum-goers, their Instagram friends, their friends, and friends of their friends… to such extent, that they all went viral, generating nearly 400’000 opens and gathering 2.5 million views, all organically, on a market with 10 million IG users.

exhibition curators – Zofia Machnicka, Paweł Polit
exhibition communication – Magdalena Majchrzak-Mrozińska, Justyna Borowska
AR effect design & development – Lens That