Nespresso Dolce Gusto Case Study

Infinite Possibilities With Dolce Gusto Infinissima!

Take a look on a 3D model of new Dolce Gusto Infinissima coffee machine and choose which one fits you the best!

The Young Pope Case Study

Let the holy light in and bless yourself with the Young Pope Camera Effect.

The longer you keep your mouth open the more saint you become – light it up.

Lucifer Case Study

Let’s See What A Pure Evil Looks Like With Lucifer

There is no need to be evil to become the Devil. Transform yourself into the king of hell by putting a Lucifer AR Effect on. Booyah! But if you’re not sure about your destiny, you should see Lucifer’s Messenger chatbot packed with content about the series’ new season.

Semilac Case Study

Spice Your Make-up With a Semilac AR Effect!

Smokey eye, evening or daily make-up – which one is the best for you? Or maybe would you choose all of them? Check out this colourful experience with SEMILAC Facebook Camera Effect. Choosing makeup kit has never been that simple!

AGO Case Study

Cheer Them On With Fire Using Ago’s Smokey AR Effect

Wear the signature eagle mask and cheer AGO on with fire and smoke as they make their way to the top!

KFC Case Study

Ready To Become The KFC Ayam Champion?

The one and only chance to step into the shoes, or rather the apron of Harland David Sanders, the world-renowned KFC founder! This Facebook Camera Effect will also let you become the KFC Ayam Champion. Just transform into Colonel Sanders and create a legendary Instagram Story!

Discovery Channel | Przystanek Bieszczady Case Study

Step Into The Wild With This Nature-Inspired Full 3D Model by Discovery Channel!

Bieszczady Mountains; non-urbanized areas that have always attracted freedom seekers, adventurers and loners. Get that pure free-spirit feeling by becoming a nature yourself with the Camera Effect designed for Discovery Channel and stay tuned for the show news with the Messenger Bot!

Long4Lashes Case Study

Flutter Your Eyelashes Like Never Before!

With Long4Lashes, we invented a special activation for lush lashes lovers. We prepared an unique Messenger Bot with a special Facebook Camera Effect to show users how they would look like after a three-week serum treatment.

Egypt Case Study

#THISISEGYPT Fan Support AR Effect On Facebook And Snapchat

When it comes to fan support with AR, there are things every nation has in common. But the Egypt’s AR effect on Facebook and Snapchat is definitely unique.

AVON Case Study

Send Kisses For Christmas To Your Loved Ones!

Ho,ho,ho! In the spirit of Christmas, Avon decided to launch a very special Facebook Camera Effect with main Christmas heroes attributes – elf ears, Santa hat and a cute reindeer horns. The only thing you needed to do is to share love by sending kisses to every person you want to wish Merry Christmas.