Celebrating Valentine’s Day with AR

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we believe it’s one of the best opportunities to utilize AR. Not only can it capture the essence of this special day, but it can also have a positive impact on sales and engagement. This makes it the perfect occasion to partner with our studio to create a memorable experience for your audience as well. Let’s dive into some inspiration from our past effects developed for this occasion.

Netflix Mural in Warsaw

Imagine this: as you walk through the streets of Warsaw, you stumble upon a mural. By scanning a QR code, you’re directed to the Instagram app, where within seconds, you can send a Valentine to your loved ones. Partnering with Netflix, we added a twist – visitors could send digital Valentines straight from their phones. Featuring customizable quotes from beloved Netflix shows and the option to personalize messages with their loved one’s name, it’s no surprise that it happened to be a widely used hit.

Snapchat’s Valentine Makeover

Who doesn’t love a fun selfie? We created a special Valentine’s Day filter where everyone was adorned with a cute red beret, love-themed makeup, and playful heart-shaped glasses. It was a simple way to spread Valentine’s cheer with friends and followers. Additionally, let’s not forget that it can be a great way to showcase a new line of products, accessories, and jewelry.

 Karaoke Session with Lucas Graham

Teaming up with singer Lucas Graham, we created an AR experience that was all about the music and, of course, love. It was like a mini karaoke session where users could sing along and share the results with their friends and family. Additionally, they were encouraged to participate together as well. This type of activation is the perfect occasion to promote music in an interactive way that not only builds connections but is also highly shareable.

Stay tuned for more exciting AR experiences from Lens That. Happy Valentine’s Day!