Tymbark Dance Remix

It’s TikTok, so… everybody dance now! And while you’re at it – create a remix of the song you’re dancing to, simply by waving your limbs around.

A green ring-pull bottle cap is symbolic with Tymbark, a leading juice and fruit drinks brand in Poland. The brand relies on it heavily in its communication. The cap is, to some extent, the brand hero. It is not only the key to the refreshment Tymbark products provide, but essentially the the key to the brand’s world, too.

That’s why, in the TikTok effect for the latest Tymbark campaign, for which the brand created a dedicated theme song, we made the caps the triggers of the interaction. Each digital cap visible on the screen activated a different, Migos-worthy ad-lib sound – coupled with a cool animation – when “touched” by the dancing user’s hands. The wilder the dance, the more awesome the remix resulting from it. And with every user expressing themselves through dance in a different, unique way, the number of remixes created with this effect was actually countless.