AR football kits: adidas 2022 FIFA World Cup

Adidas is a brand synonymous with football, and at Lens That, we take pride in supporting their continued association with the sport, extending it into the realm of augmented reality. With the FIFA World Cup being the grandest celebration in the world of football, we simply couldn’t resist the opportunity.

Our goal in creating this AR experience was to shine a spotlight on adidas, the official partner of the FIFA World Cup, and Sun&Sand Sports, the biggest sports goods retailer in the Middle East. To do this, we came up with the idea of recreating the official jerseys of the national teams sponsored by adidas and explicit them in the space of Augmented Reality. This included both home and away kits for teams such as Argentina, Germany, Spain, and more. Every jersey was meticulously transformed into a 3D model, fitting seamlessly on the user’s body, allowing it to be examined from every angle. This level of detail meant that even the tiniest elements of each kit were brought to life. 

As our collaboration was connected with a sales campaign besides the try-on itself there was also a smooth click through to the Sun&Sand Sports landing page. Once the users see how the jerseys fit, they can purchase them directly from the retailer’s web page.