Honor Case Study

Surround Yourself With Great Beauty With Honor’s Northern Lights Effect

An immersive Facebook Camera Effect with a reality-bending Northern Lights overlay. If you’d never seen this natural phenomenon, Honor got you covered on this and also offered much more with Messenger 5-day challenge with the Honor 10 smartphone as a prize.

Discovery Channel | American Chopper Case Study

Hit The Road With American Chopper By Discovery Channel!

Do you know what a chopper is? Or have you ever dreamed about riding one? Take a stroll through American highway with that special mustache and bandana on your face.

Orbit Case Study

It’s Time To Shine! Put A Smile And See How It Sparkles!

It’s high time to motivate yourself! Need an inspiration? Try this Facebook Camera Effect and smile 🙂

Cheetos Case Study

Have Fun And Get Crispy With Cheetos Ar Effect

Catch up with the latest fashion trends set by Chester using the Cheetos AR effect. It’s surprising how good you look wearing chips!

Tymbark Case Study

Spread Love And Make Dreams Come True With Tymbark!

Christmas is a magic time, isn’t it? And what about those who don’t have a chance to meet Santa Claus, get any gift or even sit along their family…? This year, Tymbark decided to help making dreams come true with Facebook Camera Effect.

Subway Case Study

Making Eating Sandwiches Fun Again With Subway

If you think eating a sandwich is trivial, you probably haven’t taken a bite of Subway’s AR game.

The Plague | Epic Drama Case Study

Get Ready For The Plague That’s Coming To Epic Drama

Put the plague doctor mask on and imagine what it would be like to live in the 17th century. The Beak Doctors will give you goosebumps while waiting for the new episodes of The Plague on Epic Drama.

Puma Case Study

Fans Used Puma’s AR Effect To Bid Farewell To The Little Mozart

To make a proper farewell to such a talented football player like Tomáš Rosický, you need to prepare something really special. And what if thousands of fans could become the VIP himself? Thanks to this viral Facebook Camera Effect, Puma achieved just that!

Bakoma Case Study

Twist Yourself With Bakoma’s 10-in-1 AR Effect

Twist yourself with one of ten headgears and see which taste of Bakoma yoghurts fits you best. Share your AR experience with your BFF to see if you match!

Orange Case Study

Orange Unleashed A Tidal Wave Of Fan Support During 2018 World Cup

No matter where you were, you could look like a real football freak and engage into cheering Poland on its road to the World Cup. Orange provided football fans with a great AR experience including multiple masks and live scores!